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AngryMountainBiker Show

Nov 22, 2016

Today Garrett Hubbard visits the studio. We discussed the new Senate bill that would allow bikes in federally owned Wilderness Areas and why it is good news for bikers, give you a killer tech tip that will keep your bike intact in a crash, and we also break down the trend toward wide rims, what sizes are available, why they are better, and why you shouldn't be a weight weenie at the expense of stability and handling--it can actually cost you speed!

NY Times article link on Wilderness Bill


two and a half years ago

please don't support opening up wilderness areas to bikes. particularly here in oregon.most trails people use to go camping fishing and hunting are only 5-10 miles, a solid hike with a pack that allows them to have a wilderness experience- which means spending time just with you and friends with a fairly raw environment. having a biker ride by is an experience they could have any other place in the world and the adventure no longer holds the same meaning. i'm up for looking at ways to enhance high quality eco-recreation in the US but not at the expense of other people's experiences and opportunities which is what mountain bikes in oregons wilderness areas would do. horses and mules are more often used for bringing supplies into backcountry trail crew and hunting camps, occasionally for the out of shape tourist but often they are doing something useful.